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  1. excamy Dice:

    Mort, whose previous teacher had appreciated his enthusiasm and inventiveness, was dismayed to discover he was a dunce at everything that really mattered. He didnt sit still, his spelling was atrocious, his writing unreadable, he interrupted, asked too many questions and was an intolerable know-all. His work was usually returned looking as if a chicken had been decapitated over it.
    Despite himself, Mort felt a surge of excitement. Was this what girls felt waiting to be asked? Always nervous theyd be left on the shelf. Hoping for a handsome one but seeing him go to another girl with no right to press her case. Not pleasant, he decided. Perdita! he whispered in panic. The guy with the scars my Maths teacher, Mr. Gauchpied. Whatll I do?
    Mort sniffed and smiled tentatively, and everyone relaxed.
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